digital literacies draft 1

This image is meant to be a rudimentary depiction of the old and new when it comes to digital literacies and technology. In the 21st century the old and new continue to isolate each other yet still remain in-sync


Image of Notebook – Mwanza, Tatendaishe 2018, The Notebook, 20th September 2018

Space Digital Background – Torange, 2018, Space Digital Background, viewed 20th September 2018 <;


new testament

The second draft includes blurred images of the bible and a series of coding. The coding has been made dominant in this picture so that Romans the title of the book of the bible shown is barely visible. Aiming to illustrate how old and new do not always work in harmony but one at times can overshadow the other.


Image of Bible  Oxford University, 2018, The Holy Bible, King James Version 1772, viewed 24 September 2018, <>

Image of Coding – Lorenzo Cafaro, Close up Coding Computer, 2018, viewed 24 September 2018, <>



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  1. Sarah Schofield says:

    Hi Tatendaishe! This is an interesting interpretation of the merging between traditional and modern literacy. You’ve very clearly utilised some theory of digital literacies, by laying out your images from left to right, respectively old to new. The image is quite simplistic, which allows the “new” to stand out, but it might be nice if there was some text to go along with it, purely because there is almost a bit TOO much blank space. For example, since your title brings up the New Testament, maybe you could use a photo/text from the New Testament instead of just a blank page from a notebook. This could then contrast the image of code that you have on the right hand side of the image. The background behind the book could also be improved, either by making it a plain colour (black would look nice), or maybe editing some people in the background to suggest that this is true for the wider public? Just some thoughts! Keep up the originality.


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